Diving for beginners

Diving is becoming one of the most practiced sports today, it is a sport that does not present a great risk, but even so, some advice for those who wish to start practicing this sport should be taken into consideration. We will mention the most important tips when doing this sport safely.

You Need To Know These Eight Tips If You Are A New Scuba Diver

Proper preparation for diving

Like all sports, diving must have adequate preparation, which consists of a certain knowledge and of going through a series of requirements.

The first thing is to verify medically is if, be able to perform this sport, unless it is something very superficial, in that case it does not require so many requirements. But if you want to have this sport as something constant in your life and practice it at an expert level you must be governed by the laws, since this underwater practice is regulated by law. One of the requirements is to have an approved course endorsed which includes medical examination.

The basic equipment required

You must have a complete equipment to be able to have a safe dive, the first thing is to have the scuba wetsuit, it is the most used and least expensive comes in different sizes and mm, some come in different models are those of a piece or the of two pieces. You should keep in mind that if you are going to dive in a cold water your scuba wetsuit should be thicker between 5 to 7mm thick.

Diving goggles are another required equipment, you must wear goggles or masks that fit the face properly. The diving fins are other required equipment, buoyancy compensators, the diving belt, the diving computer, the diving bottles, the diving grill, the flashlight, the regulator to be used for the required air bottle and the knife diving in case any eventuality occurs underwater.

Information on where to dive

There are several institutions or places where you can properly practice how to handle your equipment, the necessary requirements, the practices that you must take into account before you can enter the waters. One of the most important advice that hurts to give part of the proper management of your equipment, is to keep both your mind and your body prepared to perform this practice.

In these courses they teach you about the dangers that you can find in the water, the things or places that you should avoid. The areas that are suitable for beginners and you should always have one more dive partner if you are a beginner in this sport.

Let’s talk about the sudden pressure changes that are very common in this practice. The courses will help to control the proper speed so as not to suffer from the decomposition syndrome. For this you will need the dive grill and the dive computer apart from the decompression tables.

Ear care

The Valsalva maneuver which consists of covering your nostrils while blowing through the nose, this maneuver must be performed every meter that descends, this is to avoid pressure in the ears, so they take care of themselves and do not suffer of future problems.

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