How to put on the diving suit

Although it may be silly for someone to know how to put on a scuba wetsuit, for others, it will be very helpful. This material is very tight, and if it is a nylon II wetsuit it is much more complicated and it is not just open the zipper and put the body.

This material is complicated and that is why I will mention the steps to follow so that you do not have any inconvenience when using this suit, and then it will be so common to perform these steps to be able to use the diving suit.

Diving tools

  1. The zipper of the suit must be opened completely, be sure if it is in the front or in the back, turn the shoulders part and thus achieve an easier introduction in the upper train.
  2. The first thing that must be introduced in the diving suit is the leg, until reaching the height of the twin, the leg must be raised and avoid at all costs the wrinkles that are usually made in the diving suit of neoprene, always go up the suit down to the top, properly adjust the area of ​​the thighs and the shot that is between the legs, all to prevent a gap or be short when introducing the upper part of the body. The same process must be performed with the other legs.
  3. It is necessary to adjust the back part very well, that is to say the area of ​​the buttocks and the area of ​​the hips, always pulling downwards towards the upper part of the body, being an elastic material and adherent to the body it is possible that you must adjust or fix some areas of the lower body and the diving suit.
  4. It is time to talk about the upper part of the body, you must introduce the arm until the hand comes out through the opening of the wrist, properly adjust the forearm, stretch the material that does not have any folds in the fabric, which is adapt very well to your arm. The area that must be adjusted in a good way is the shoulder area to avoid extra tension in that area of ​​the body, something to consider is that the suit must be very well placed so that mobility is comfortable in the water, and not feel any tension or problem that makes swimming in the depths difficult. Fit the sleeves well, then do that whole process with the other arm. At the end of this you should raise your arms up to give the suit ease and that it adapts correctly in the appropriate areas.
  5. After placing both the lower part and the lower part it is time to raise the zipper of the diving suit, some suits can bring a strip that helps to raise the zipper, do not bring it and it becomes complicated, you can use both hands to join the sides and tell another person to raise it, asking for help is not a bad idea when closing the diving suit.
  6. Finally, stretch your arms and perform a couple of squats to finish adjusting the position of the neoprene throughout the body.

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