The most important diving suit brands

It is time to talk about the scuba wetsuit and which are the best, so we will mention the most outstanding wetsuits for diving.

The first thing to keep in mind is the skill and functionality of these suits, the most important thing is the functionality of keeping the body warm in the low temperatures that the water offers, in addition they help protect the body from the sun, some bumps or scratches that can be presented or generated and even bites that some marine animals can produce, the scuba wetsuit is a shelter for the diver is the armor they need when diving into deep or not so deep waters, they come in different presentations and different measures

It is one of the best investments that every diver needs to make, the rented suits are not always the right size, the material is more worn and sometimes they are not well cared for, so it is important that you have your own suit.

Today we will mention the most outstanding scuba wetsuit this year, with exceptional materials.

Scubapro Everflex wetsuit

This wetsuit is fully designed to be able to be used naturally in the body, being one of the most acquired suits this year, thanks to its design people who perform this sport have high flexibility, comfort and stretching when it comes to Diving.

One of the greatest features of this scuba wetsuit, is the diagonal zipper that is located in the back, which runs from the left hip to the right shoulder, being much more practical and comfortable than the traditional zipper found in the diving suits

Everflex – Xcel Thermoflex

This suit is a semi-dry suit, it offers both the ability of dry and wet suits, it is very comfortable and easy to use. The Xcel Thermoflex diving suit is made of the following material, which is the most used to design this type of suits, the nylon II neoprene, is a material that resists very high compression quality and all seams are quadruple glued and sewn blindly. In the back it has a very good quality zipper, which prevents the entry of water inside the suit, a very conventional problem in the basic zippers that are usually placed in other scuba wetsuits.

This suit comes with the detail of the seamless dry-lock wrist seals, which help a lot to keep the cold water outside and the body heat inside the diving suit.

NeoSport Premium

Let’s talk about another of the best scuba wetsuit of this year, this diving suit helps to maintain an excellent balance between versatility, mobility and warmth for both warm and cold waters. In the preparation of this suit you can find the flexible knee pads and the possibility of adjusting the neck of the garment. Its clothing material is neoprene.


Henderson Thermoprene

The best-selling neoprene diving suit is this suit, its quality is unmatched used as a very high quality nylon II neoprene construction, being a material with much more elasticity than the common wetsuits used in other diving suits.

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