All about the maintenance of diving equipment

To avoid unpleasant surprises underwater, it is best to have basic knowledge about the maintenance of diving equipment. Unfortunately, courses do not usually provide in-depth information.

It must be taken into account that this is a delicate sport, we are dealing with a sport in which the body is exposed to an environment to which it is not accustomed. Therefore, a single loss can cause serious problems.

Keeping the diving equipment in the best conditions is not so complicated, it is only about making a series of rules, some things must be accommodated by experts but basic maintenance can be done personally.

This first phase must be carried out to avoid damage to the equipment, something very possible and all thanks to salt water.

scuba suit brands

The first thing is to sweeten both the computer, the main controller, the cameras and everything that has to do with that type of accessories.

Then proceed with the vest, to continue with all the light equipment which usually has more dirt, if we wash the aforementioned first it can damage the vest, regulators and the computer.

Scuba wetsuit

After using the scuba wetsuit and storing it has to be washed with fresh water. You must be very careful to wash all inflation and deflation valves. It must be dried in the shade, do not dry it in the sun because it deteriorates and verify that it is completely dry before storing, if it is kept wet this generates bacteria and fungi which cause long-term skin problems, when you are going to place to dry it is recommended to place the hood of the suit down. If it is going to be stored for a long period of time, it is best to clean everything inside. Another maintenance is to spray the zippers and closures.

If the scuba wetsuit is to be washed in the washing machine, it is recommended that you do not use strong detergents and that it be washed in short cycles, not including centrifuges and with a maximum of 30.

At the end of washing the suit completely, drying it properly should be kept hanging, avoid folding the scuba wetsuit as much as possible. And completely prevent the sun from hitting you directly.


We will highlight here the importance of conducting professional reviews of the regulator every 80 dives or every 2 years. It is the only way to guarantee the correct functioning of this device, something that is undoubtedly essential for any diver.

Regulators should be washed with fresh water, do not leave in the sun or at very high temperatures and never grab the air bottle with the regulator, it is one of the most delicate equipment of divers.



  • This equipment does not require much maintenance but it does not hurt to maintain a good care habit.
  • It should not be left in the sun so it is not recommended to leave in the car for a long time, high temperatures damage the computer mechanism.
  • When saving it, it should not be stored in the diving bag, this only damages the mechanism.
  • Do not use chemical sprays, as they can greatly damage the plastic case of the computer.

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