You Should Know This Before You Choose Your Scuba Diving Gears

If you plan to take a diving certificate, it will be better if you have your own equipment. That will make you more comfortable. PADI (Professional Diving Instructors Association) provides several tips for choosing diving equipment for you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to also buy the best scuba wetsuit so you feel comfortable underwater.

First, make sure you use special diving suits of the right size. This will keep you warm while in the water. Water makes your body lose heat 20 times faster than open air.

Second, choose a mask that matches your facial contours. Place the mask on your face without using a strap. Then breathe through your nose. The right mask will stick to your face when you breathe. Masks are usually paired with snorkels.

Choose a snorkel that is about 43 centimeters in size with arches that are not too sharp. Sharp curves will make it difficult for you to breathe. It would be better if you choose a snorkel equipped with a self-draining valve.

Third, choose a fin that fits on your feet. The fin footbag should cover your back fully and close to the wrist. If it’s not, then you should look for a larger fin size.

Fourth, make sure you choose the Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) which has the following five features. One, the BCD must contain enough air to give you and your equipment enough buoyancy on the surface of the water.

Two, it has a large diameter hose inflator/deflator that speeds up your air throwing.

Three has a development system that covers BDC with air directly from the tube.

Four has an over-pressure valve to prevent rupture of the BCD due to the expansion of air when rising to the surface of the water.

Five, its size matches your body size.

Finally, choose a good quality regulator. Regulators are pending aids when diving. The air pressure from the tube is regulated by the regulator. There are five features that must exist on the regulator.

First, make sure the regulator is the first stage that attaches the tube valve to the second stage regulator to your mouth.

Second, the second stage regulator will regulate air pressure to be more in line with the lungs. You will breathe through the second stage regulator.

Third, a Submersible Pressure Gauge / (SPG) that tells the air you have in the tube.

Four, an alternative air source that will help other divers if they run out of the air in their tubes.

Five, the tube connecting inflator with BDC. Inflator allows you to expand and deflate BCD when needed.