The best diving equipment

The variety of equipment that a person who dives should have is incredible. There is a wide variety in terms of the brands most used by people who practice this sport of diving, from lenses, regulators, fins to the scuba wetsuit.

When it comes to diving fins, you can get countless brands and costs. The designs and colors are very diverse, it can have dark colors to light or bright tones. The less expensive brands with a range between 45 and 80 dollars are the following: Cressi Free Frog, Mares Avanti Pure and Cressi Frog. When we talk about the most expensive with a price range that varies between 120 and 220 dollars, they are the following diving fins: Tusa SF0107 Hyflex Switch Pro, Sherwood Triton Pro and the Scubapro Go Sport.

diving equipment

Then we have a variety of scuba wetsuit, from wetsuits for ladies and gentlemen, to dry scuba wetsuit. The wetsuit is the most sought after by those who want and already have time in this sport, without forgetting that this type of scuba wetsuit is the best when it comes to swimming in cold waters, I will mention the most prominent.

When it comes to this sport of diving and sailing in hot and cold waters, Komoda 7’s scuba wetsuit is one of the best in the market. Its material is completely neoprene and is super elastic with a double coating, which is about seven millimeters thick, being one of the best suits to use in cold waters, all to maximize thermal protection in the human body. You can get it for the cost of almost 370 dollars, being one of the most expensive men’s scuba wetsuits, but accessible in the market.

When it comes to a women’s scuba wetsuit, the best is the Scubapro Definition diving suit, with a cost of between 275 and 360 dollars, the price varies in terms of the millimeters in width that each suit has. It is completely designed to fit the female body, offers double zipper joints, which makes the 5mm suit easy to put on and take off. It can be seen that, in areas such as knees, shoulders and elbows that are exposed, it presents a variety of appliques that are very resistant to abrasion, this allows the suit to have greater durability.

Then we have a dry scuba wetsuit that is generally used in colder waters, since it is a delicate environment that is worth spending on a worthwhile diving suit.

Then we have a dry scuba wetsuit that is generally used in colder waters, since it is a delicate environment that is worth spending on a worthwhile diving suit.
The D1X hybrid waterproof suit is one of the most expensive, priced at almost $ 3,500. This suit offers in its preparation a very special inner lining, with a 3D mesh, which prevents cold water temperatures from touching the skin of those who wear this magnificent suit, it should be remembered that the cold is the biggest problem of this sport for it This suit is good to avoid any problem that this extreme weather can cause a person. It offers orthopedic devices that fit properly to the body of those who wear this diving suit, being one of the most prominent suits in the market.

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