The most important diving tools

The most important thing when diving is to have all the complete equipment that you should have when performing this sport, I will mention you from the scuba wetsuit to the diving knife. Attentive with all the equipment that you must take into account before entering the waters.

Scuba wetsuit

The most important team is the suit, many waters are cold and the human body does not withstand the low temperatures very well, the wetsuit is the most used by both beginner and experienced divers. Many of these suits come either in one piece or two, this scuba wetsuit must be completely attached to the body, if the temperatures are very low use the suit between 5mm to 7mm.

Mask and snorkel

Another necessary tool or equipment is the diving mask, it is extremely essential in this sport. This mask offers you to swim without problem in the water, without having pressure problems in the nose and eyes, and offers the possibility of having excellent visibility underwater, something essential when diving.

Diving fins

The functions of use of the fins and the physical forms in which they are designed vary, when entering or starting this sport the most advisable is to use the adjustable fins, this type of fins is usually used with ankle boots, they are the most comfortable and minor complicity when using.

These fins that have spring strips give you a very good fit to your foot, it is recommended that they be soft padded so that you do not strain on the flutter under water. When selecting the appropriate size, you should select a fin that does not exceed the measure of both the ankle and the knee, in terms of material, we recommend those that are made of neoprene and plastic.

Compressed air bottle

The size of the diving bottle depends on the type of immersion that is going to be made, when making short dives that are not so deep and the water is calm and with a tropical temperature you can have a tank of about 80 cubic feet of air and aluminum because they tend to be much lighter than steel. If you are going to dive deeper, they are usually considered to carry up to two bottles of compressed air.

Air regulator

This other tool is aimed at regulating the air pressure in the air bottle, so it is very important to take it into account and always take it when diving.

Diving regulator

This regulator helps to maintain control in the diving bottle, if the regulator does not work properly, what causes the air to escape from the bottle increases, even if you can breathe you will no longer have adequate air to be able to dive further deep, and that can be dangerous, take this regulator into account.

Diving gate

They help you to maintain a more precise time and control margin, thus avoiding future problems in relation to the air bottle among others.


It is very common that diving areas are in caves or places that do not have much light, so having a flashlight is important, visibility is required.

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