These Are 3 Scuba Diving Gears That You Must Try

Snorkeling also cannot be done with self-taught and unattended. If you just want to go snorkeling for the first time, you need breathing exercises first. Usually, in each snorkeling spot, there is a guide who will teach you how to do the exercise. In addition to training and preparation, you also need to know the types and functions of snorkeling equipment like the scuba wetsuit. These are the snorkeling tools that you can use to accompany you for fun snorkeling.

These are 3 scuba diving gears that you need to try:

1. Scuba Diving Mask

The most important thing about snorkeling is the glasses and breathing apparatus, which are often called scuba diving masks. Without this thing, you will find it difficult to enjoy the beauty of the rocks under the sea because of the difficulty of opening your eyes. This mask is also to help prevent water from passing through the nose.

The tips for choosing the right mask is to try it and make sure the position of the nose, eyes, and rubber that is circular on the head is right. Then, you need to make sure when you remove it from the head, the mask is still stuck to the face and has no air leak. Leaking masks often make the mask dewy because the air inside the mask becomes unstable.

2. Scuba Diving Mask with Tripod Mount Sport Cam

It’s still from a mask that protects your face from sea water. However, this one has a special seat to put your action cam on. If you want to record your underwater experience, you can use scuba diving mask with tripod mount sports cam.

It’s created specifically to put various action-cam, xiaomi, go-pro, and other sports cameras. It is made from tempered glass, it makes it not condense after use. Of course, it can help you to clearly see underwater scenes.

3. Long-Sleeve Full Wetsuit

You can’t use ordinary clothes to dive and enjoy the underwater scenery. Full-sleeve full wetsuit designed specifically for divers. This shirt can make it easier for you to move while in the water.

It’s made of polyester which is thin, dry quickly and has good elasticity that you really need for snorkeling and diving. It’s consisting of three parts, they are a long-sleeved shirt, trousers, and shorts. By wearing a diving suit, your body will also be protected from the swift waves in the ocean, and the materials are not heavy, so they will not make you tired around.

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